Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Well I had word finally from the guy I made the offer to. He was counter-offered by the college that he was working for. Kind of a bummer. I can't believe I have to start this process all over again. I am going to put an ad on Monster. Hopefully that will return some good candidates.

DD is at her grandparent's for the week. DH was away for work last night so I had a night completely to myself! Can't remember the last time that happened. I was actually board. I thought maybe I would watch a movie or something but of course there was absolutely nothing on TV! Had a few glasses of wine and went to bed. Watched home shows and Hurricane coverage. It is just devastating what has happened down on the Gulf coast. I just could not imagine having to live through such a tradgedy.

Well off to pick up some dinner for DH and me on the way home tonight. Not sure what I'm in the mood for. Maybe Chinese....

Friday, August 19, 2005

Lake Placid

Heading to Lake Placid to visit my Dad this weekend. DH and DD are picking me up from work and we will head striaght up. Weather looks pretty good. DH is going to do some fly fishing in the morning. Then we will go for a short hike up Baker Mt. in Saranac. Not much else planned problably just hang out down by the lake and take it easy. It's been a long week.

Still have not heard back from my potential hire. He is supposed to get back to me today. We are in the midst of moving offices around to accomodate all of the new people. I will be moving to an new office next week. Should work out ok I guess. It will be nice to have a window for once. Hope there are no hard feelings amongst others about my move and why I got the "nice" office. Oh well what am I to do. The office is right off of the reception area. There will be no hiding from anyone.

Been having all kinds of web issues this week I really need someone in here to do this stuff for me. It really has been a hassle trying to make things work. Hopefully I won't have to wear this hat much longer. I better hear something soon...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Worst Ten Seconds of My Life

This past weekend DH, DD and I headed into the woods for a little relaxation. We went north into the Adirondacks to a little pond near Minerva. It was a two mile hike in and it was quite hot and humid for our 8:30 start. On the hike in DD did great with her full pack thanks in part to her hydration bladder to keep her occupied. Got to the leanto with no one there. We had the place to ourselves. Unfortunately the swimming was not the greatest so DD and I would have to make do with the baby wipes. DH, after cutting wood and setting up camp, went for it anyway. The leeches were kind of a deterent for me. The leanto remained somewhat cool most of the day. DD and I spent a great deal of the day playing cards. War is her new favorite game. It was quite entertaining actually. We got hungry and broke out the snacks. Had a Clif bar that DD and I ate half of and some Gorp. I then asked DH if he wanted the rest of the Clif bar. He said sure. He chewed up the Clif bar and reached for some water and took a big swig. At that point I was still sitting in the leanto with DD. I hear DH sart to cough. Next thing I see is DH looking at me with his hand to his thoat. He can't breath. I jumped up to help him. He is crouching down trying to breath. He is making the worst sound I have ever heard in my life. I know he is not getting any air. I try to get him to stand so I can do the heimlich on him. He then raises his hands up for me to do this. I knew the situation was really bad if he was actually letting me do this. He was still crouching and I had my arms around him trying to get him to stand up. I gave a few desperate pulls inward, yet I knew I had to get him to stand up to do the procedure correctly. DH suddenly puts his one hand up and I stop. He begins to breathe agian. Needless to say it was a very close call. DH kept saying I'm alright, I'm alright, but the reality of the situation took hold of me and I couldn't stop shaking. I knew I could not make a huge deal about it at that point with DD looking on wondering what was happening. She thought Daddy was sick and was going to throw-up. All that kept going through my mind was if he had died. We were two miles in the woods. What would my daughter and I have done? The thoughts and the senerios play over and over. DH was pretty shaken up as well as you can imagine. We tried not to make a big deal about it beacuse we did not want to scare DD, but that night after DD went to sleep, we talked about it over a few glasses of wine in front of the fire. We analyzed the situation and we came to the conclusion that he had not choked on the Clif bar. It was when he took the big gulp of water and started coughing the water went down his wind pipe which caused his windpipe (larnynx) to constrict. This is what happens to some drowning victims. Just thank god his muscles relaxed. Can't begin to think what would have happened if they hadn't. A definite life changing event in my book. I told DH never under any circumstances to do that to me again. We hiked out the next morning in scattered showers and went to lunch and headed home. With the exception of the ten second choking incident, we really did end up having a nice weekend.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Alive at Five

Going to see Eileen Ivers tonight with DH and DD. Looking forward to a night out. Two this week! Went to the drive-in on Monday and saw Charlie and th Chocolate Factory. I enjoyed it. I think DD enjoyed it as well. I was very shocked that she stayed awake for the whole thing. She really had a rough time waking up on Tuesday. Anyway going to have a few beers tonight and listen to some awesome Irish music. We have seen Eileen Ivers live on everal occasions. She and her band always put on a great show. So great in fact that we went out and bought a couple of her CDs. My reccomendation is to see them if you ever have the opportunity.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Hiring - What's in a handshake?

Well I have made it through a series of intensive interviews for the web developer/graphic design position I am hiring for. Received 20+ resumes and I talked to 6 people. Two of which were highly qualified. Candidate #1 however I think wanted too much money and I didn't think personality wise he would be a great fit in our small company. Candidate #2, who I talked to yesterday, was extremely personable and had a real can-do confidence about him. I liked that. #2 had an amazing portfolio to boot. A real artist. Amazing flash pieces. I think he could really make some positive changes around here. He aso has extensive network admin skills which we really need. Another marked difference between the two was their handshake. For the life of me I don't understand why individuals don't practice shaking hands. I think there should be a mandatory course in high school on how to properly greet people. Candidate #1 had the limp wet noodle hand shake. Made me say uh-oh right from the begining. Candidate #2 nice firm how-do-you do hand shake. Made me think hmmm interesting. Is it because I am a woman do men usually loosen the grip? I sure hope not. No matter whose hand you are shaking it should be firm and not too lingering. It really does say something about who you are. Find a friend and practice if you think you need it. Here's a link with some pretty good tips on the proper handshake http://www.free-resume-help.com/handshake-interview.html. Well I will make the offer to Candidate #2 tomorrow. I'll let you all know the outcome. Hopefully he will say yes.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mystic Seaport

Went sailing with my DH's sister and her husband and daughter this past weekend. It was great! We sailed from Greenport, LI to Mystic Seaport, CT. We were able to do some pretty good sailing on the way there on Friday. My SIL gave me the coolest thing to use to prevent sea sickness. Sea-Bands. I had never heard of them but I will attest that they sure worked. I am prone to seasickness and I felt great. Both there and back. Really amazing. The port was really cool. We stayed in a slip right on the museum grounds. The tall ships were incredible, and the exhibits were very interesting. DD and DH seemed to enjoy themselves as well. The highlight had to be the margaritas on the boat at sunset. Sleeping quarters were tight but managable. SIL and BIL are talking about getting a bigger boat for next year. 42' range. That would be awesome. We have some great family. Which reminds me that we also found out that DH's brother and family bought a summer house on the North Fork. So many places to visit. We are very fortuate.

The Interview

Well I just gave my first interview. It was interesting being the interviewer instead of the interviewee. It went pretty well. The candidate however was lacking some essential skills that are kind of integral to the position. So it kind of left us dead ended. We talked for about a half hour. Good graphic design skills but short on programming. Good to just get the first one out of the way. I think I have the best of my candidates coming in tomorrow and Friday. Lets hope I can find someone quickly. I need to get some serious work done. I want to get back on projects again.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Shopping Sucks

Went out at lunch today to see if I could pick up somthing new to wear to dinner tomorrow. Went to TJ Maxx. God, I don't know why I go in there. I never find anything. The clothes are all so beat up and I can never find anything that fits me. Time to go back on the South Beach again. I have gained back a few of the pounds that I lost last year. I was supposed to be at my goal weight by the time I hit 40. Yeah, right. It is so hard to focus on dieting and that includes not drinking. With all of my recent activities and vacationing it just is not realistic. I have been on one big party train since April. Lots of traveling. Hopefully this fall we will get serious again before I do too much damage. Must start exercising again. Need more time. I go from 6:00am-9:00pm without much of a break taking care of work and family. Need a little more me time. Must figure it out.

DH is coming home tonight. Was able to get out of tomorrows meetings. That's good. We would cut it close with the kid hand off if I was to make my dinner meeting on time.

Last night didn't swim. Just hung out and went to bed early. I think DD was tired. She fell aspleep at 7:00. Camp just wipes her out. She really seems to like it though. Her swimming has improved greatly.

Maybe DD and I will stop at another store on the way home tonight. Let's hope my shopping luck improves.